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Safepal S1 Wallet

Safepal S1 Wallet Review

Binance made a cold wallet and it’s good.

Safepal S1 Wallet Review by Discover Crypto
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The Safepal S1 is one of the most affordable hard wallet options. Light, plastic build with a camera that scans QR codes to easily pair with the safepal mobile app. It has a large color screen and like ledger and the chip used to store private keys is CCEAL5 plus certified.  Binance Labs invested in the development of this wallet, and it works well with the Binance Smart Chain assets.

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The wallet stores Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, ERC20 tokens and some Binance smart chain tokens. New firmware upgrades have onboarded even more token options. You can even buy major cryptocurrencies right on the app, send, receive, swap many different ERC20 and Binance BEP20 tokens.

The wallets QR codes are an Air-gapped signing mechanism, for pairing and communication that doesn’t require bluetooth, wi fi, usb or NFC.

Sure, Hot wallets are hot—many wallet apps that are connected to the internet are non-custodial, and users own the keys to their crypto.

But cold wallets, well they’re just cool by keeping crypto safer and taking that extra step to disconnect the keys to your crypto castle from the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the World Wide Web.

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