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Market Cipher is a subscription service that provides access to momentum indicators on trading view.  There’s Market Cipher A, Market Cipher B, Market Cipher SR, and Market Cipher DBSI.  It’s $600/year or $1,500 for a lifetime membership.  In order to use market cipher you make a trading view account, create a market cipher account, and purchase market cipher.  They accept credit cards or bitcoin (which receives a 5% discount).

Market Cipher A is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs.  During a bull market, they’re blue and white, and during a bear market, they’re gray.  It projects easy to understand symbols that decrease the need to manually interpret the chart and trendlines.  It was designed to analyze and predict macro trends, but also gives a very good indication of support and resistance lines.

Market Cipher B is an oscillator that combines five algorithms into an easy-to-read graph.  When it prints a green dot, it’s an estimated bottom and the start of an uptrend or sideways action.  This helps traders long the dips in a bull market or exit shorts in bear markets.  The blue waves above the middle line mean it’s entering over-bought territory, and if it’s below, it’s over-sold.  When the yellow wave crosses up, a long is suggested until it crosses down, suggesting a short.  The green and red waves are show the money flow.  When it’s green, traders are buying, but when it’s red, buying pressure is drying up.  Market Cipher B also include the RSI and the Stochastic RSI.  When the Stochastic RSI crosses the RSI, it demonstrates a bullish or bearish cross.

And then there’s Market Cipher SR for day trading on smaller time frames and scalping.  It’s built specifically for the hourly timeframe.  This market cipher focuses on horizontal supports and resistances, as well as the Volume Weighted Average Price, which helps traders recognize whether they should open a long or short.  The Daily High/Low display the daily high, the daily median, and the daily low for each day.

Market Cipher DBSI is an all-encompassing momentum indicator on trading view that combines 36 separate momentum indicators.  Each candle is given a score on a scale of -5 to 28.  A high score at the bottom of the candle indicates bullish momentum, and a high score at the top signals bearish momentum.  If the scores move upwards through a positive range, this shows evidence of potential upward momentum, but if the score moves downward, it signals bearish reversal.

Still a little confused about how to use market cipher?  They have Market Cipher Academy.  For $250 you get a private 45-minute consultation that teaches basic strategy, all the market cipher indicators, and risk management.  And for $500, 60 minutes of consulting time with an influencer.  This will teach basic and exclusive strategies, all the market ciphers, and risk management, but there’s a limited availability of this one.

You can also check out this video with a tutorial on how to trade on Bybit with market cipher.



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