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Women LOVE Bitcoin!? (Algorand TURBO CHARGED smart contracts)

Women LOVE Bitcoin!? (Algorand TURBO CHARGED smart contracts)

By: Discover Crypto | September 22, 2022

Women are outpacing men in UK blockchain investing. Opera Browser integrates Elrond crypto wallets, and Algorand rises above the rest in smart contracts throughput?  Lets get it.

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The idea of blockchain wasn’t designed with only crypto bros in mind, yet a major gap between male and female crypto investors has been an obstacle yet to be overcome for years.  Now data from bankless times paints a bright future for women into crypto in the United Kingdom with women making up 53% of investors in the one thousand to five thousand pound sterling range. Women are becoming more involved with cryptocurrency, and the industry is hearing from many top female executives like Elizabeth Stark from Lightning Labs call for more involvement and educational resources to help bring this asset class to the next generation. This data suggests a trend shift towards what may someday be a gender parity within crypto as it becomes more mainstream within culture, and the UK is excited to have a role in starting the mindset shift from tech-bro community to just another form of money.

Crypto is still reeling from the Fed hikes and saber rattling from white house regulatory press releases this past week, how long will markets stay beaten down by a hawk eyed Jerome Powell? Let’s throw it over to Frankie Candles for a market update.

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The Opera Web Browser has been all in on the third generation of the internet since 2018,  and now the Norwegian company has integrated with Elrond to bring direct wallet access to users on the platform along with eight others including Solana and Polygon.  300 million people use this new browser currently, and later this year Elronds dapps and its native token EGLD are planned to also be supported. The learning curve for people outside of crypto can sometimes act as a roadblock, but with every need there is opportunity. Opera seems to be preparing itself to be on a short list of web3 browsers that can bring seamless transaction abilities in crypto to future users with frictionless payments for people new to crypto.

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Algorand has been putting on a show for investors nearly bored to death in the bear market, giving out green candles that help light the way for people looking for diamonds in the rough. Now the popular crypto project has boasted enormous gains on its smart contract throughput, handling more than six times the ability of its closest rival Solana.  This shocking data comes from recent stress tests on the top smart contract chains, using the uni-swap style “AMM” metric as the benchmark for measurement. Investors woke up today to a 15% overnight spike in value, not too bad for being in what traditional finance is calling an “economic hurricane”.

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