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Trade Crypto Like a PRO! (The Ultimate KuCoin Review)

Trade Crypto Like a PRO! (The Ultimate KuCoin Review)

By: Discover Crypto | September 10, 2022

The goal is obvious, but the path to making life changing gains is not easy. Finding your footing in crypto is all about knowing how to combine your skill set with the opportunities you have at your disposal. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if you’re keeping your crypto on an exchange that only lets you buy crypto and hold it, you’re holding yourself back in more ways than one. If you just want to buy and hold for a long time, buy yourself a Ledger cold wallet and wait out the storm. If you want to do some serious trading, you need a platform that allows you to trade BOTH directions. A great option to trade both direction that is trusted by millions of traders, is KuCoin. In fact, one out of every four crypto users worldwide are onboard with KuCoin. Here at Bitboy Crypto, we pride ourselves for being the people’s channel, and KuCoin prides themselves for being the people’s exchange, so it’s only right we make this video for the people. If you’re a member of the Bitsquad, and you haven’t signed up for KuCoin yet, be sure to click the link down below to get a Bitsquad exclusive deal! Now, let’s take a dive into one of best platforms on the market. Let’s get it!

Welcome to Bitboy crypto home of the peoples channel where I come to you everyday to keep you in the know about Crypto. In this video, I’m going to give you an overview of one of the best crypto exchanges in the world, KuCoin. If you like crypto and want the latest information on whats happening in the space, go ahead and smash that like button and subscribe to the channel.

One of the best things about KuCoin is that they offer every altcoin under the sun. There’s a plethora of coins you can’t buy on Coinbase or Binance, my bet is, if you can’t find it there, KuCoin has it. Because KuCoin is the hotspot for AltCoins, offering over 700 coins to their users, they have over a trillion dollars in accumulated trading volume and it’s very rare to run into liquidity issues for getting in and out of trades. Not only are they the best choice for all those hard to find altcoins, KuCoin is also the largest social trading platform. With over 20 million investors around the globe from over 200 counties, on KuCoin, like on social media, you can follow the profiles of your friends and popular traders and stay in the loop with what they’re doing. With over a million news feeds posted, you can count on KuCoin to keep your finger on the pulse of the market. And don’t forget to get the exclusive KuCoin sign up deal by clicking the link below.

If you’re new to trading, a long is when you buy a coin and you make money when the price of the coin goes up. This is the most common form of spot trading that you can participate in on every crypto exchange. What separates the men from the boys…is if you can short. That’s when you open a position in the derivatives market, and you make money when the coin goes down. It’s absolutely essential that you have the ability to trade both directions. If you only make money when the chart goes up, you’re missing half the opportunity. On KuCoin, there’s several different ways you can capitalize on shorting. You can Margin trade where physically borrow money, and how much you can borrow is based off of how much you have in your margin account. Once you’re done your trade, you pay back what you borrowed, and you keep the rest. Another option is the short on KuCoin Futures. This is when you set your desired leverage, on KuCoin that’s usually between 2 to 10x, and go from there. With leverage trading, if the chart goes the wrong way and you hit your liquidation point, you lose what you have in that trade. This is why risk management is very important and it’s best to set a stop loss well above your liquidation point so you don’t lose your entire position. It’s best to put a stop loss somewhere between 6 to 10 % below your entry, and if your trade becomes a winning one, move your stop loss up to or above your entry point so you win no matter what. If you want to watch a tutorial on how to leverage trade on KuCoin, be sure to watch this tutorial from Frankie Candles. If you don’t want to borrow money from Margin, and you don’t want to risk getting liquidated…you can get your feet wet in leverage trading with KuCoin’s preleveraged coins. With these coins, they are in the ETF section of the markets, and they are preset at 3x leverage for long and short trading. It’s important that you don’t hold these coins for either direction for a long time, but they can be great for short, concise trades…and they’re perfect to get a feel for how trading with leverage works. They’re also a great eye opener, because if you’re not doing good with only 3x leverage, that’s a good indication you need more practice before moving up to 5 or 10x in the derivatives market. KuCoin has everything you need to become the best version of yourself in trading. If you’re looking for a self-custody wallet that also acts as a gateway to web3, you can download the KuCoin Wallet in the Appstore or wherever you get your apps. Trusted by over 10 million users across the globe and backed by Hacken Security, this wallet is a perfect option to keep, send or receive all your crypto’s and NFT’s in one place.

I’m not saying any of this as a shill. I’m saying this because too many traders I meet at meet ups limit themselves by what they’re able to do or not do in crypto from the places they choose to interact. You have to give yourself the tools to do it all, or you’re holding yourself back. KuCoin gives you the keys to do anything you want in crypto; it’s your choice to open the door. If you want to use bots, stake, swap crypto, lend, borrow, earn, or even win rewards, KuCoin has you covered. If you want to earn rewards from going long or short without the risk of trading, be sure to sign up for the Futures Brawl. The Futures Brawl is a gamified version of the derivatives market where you earn points to get your name on the leaderboard. Great practice or just to play with for fun. Another way to get in on some extra bonuses is to head over to the Rewards Hub. This is where you can win rewards for onboarding onto the site, getting in trades, using a bot, you can complete challenges, and learn to earn! You can refer your friends over to KuCoin to add to your bag, and if you’re a content creator, you can submit your stuff to the content creator program and each piece of content that gets selected rewards the creator $500 bucks! You can win on up to three different submissions per month! KuCoin goes above and beyond the call of duty for a crypto exchange. Besides having the ability to go long or short with leverage, setting up bots to trade for you, and staking, there’s a hundred ways to earn extra rewards and to interact with crypto that’s only available on this platform. Besides being the best place to trade, they cover all things crypto, besides just trading. If you like to collect NFTs and play crypto games, be sure to check out their new NFT platform, Wonderland. You can also purchase fractionalized NFTs from the top blue-chip projects if you’d like to own a piece of Metaverse history. If you want to be able to buy, sell or swap NFTs, be sure to check out Windvane under their NFT tab. In the near future, just like how and others have their own Crypto card, KuCoin will have their own, and when it goes live in the near future, you can earn $1,000 dollars when you register for your card! Long story short: KuCoin has it all, and you can get a exclusive sign up bonus by clicking the link below.

At the end of the day, your involvement in crypto is based off the tools you have in front of you, and if you want to level up and give yourself the chance to make life changing gains, you have to be on the right platform to do that. Yes, trading with leverage is dangerous, and you need to educate yourself on how to do it correctly with proper risk management, but if you ask any professional day trader if they could make a living without leverage, I’m sure you can guess the answer they’ll give you. If you want to learn how to trade with leverage and everything involved with it, be sure to check out our guy Frankie Candles and head on over to the Bitlab Academy. Once you brush up on your skills and you’re ready to make a change, be sure to join KuCoin from the link in the description and get in on the action. Like I said, KuCoin gives you the keys to do anything you want in crypto; it’s your choice to open the door. 20 million traders in the world are waiting for you on the other side….do you have what it takes? That’s all I got. Be blessed. Bitboy Out!

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