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Top Undervalued Cryptos (Quant – Elrond – AAVE and more)

Top Undervalued Cryptos (Quant – Elrond – AAVE and more)

By: Discover Crypto | September 29, 2022

Low Supply Coins

  • Investing in low supply coins can be the best way to stack gains and create financial freedom for yourself. In this video we are going to take a look at my top low supply crypto picks that have explosive potential in the next bull run. LET’S GET IT!
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  • Quant, Elrond, Aave, Maker, Arweave, and Energy web token are some of my favorite low supply coins to position into
  • It is a really simple equation, If demand outpaces the supply on a cryptocurrency, markets react and drive the price up.
  • Quant is an Ethereum based token used to power Quant Network’s Overledger brand of enterprise software, a system that can connect businesses to multiple distributed ledger networks
  • This gives institutional access to a variety of public blockchains and private networks simultaneously
  • Built with ISO 20022 compatibility and boasting partnerships with companies like Oracle, Quant has potential to skyrocket in the coming years
  • Total Supply just over 14.5 million tokens
  • Elrond was founded in 2017, and the network has kept a laser focus on fast and cheap transactions through smart contracts through a distributed network development
    • This network is proving to be a powerhouse in throughput ability, boasting 15,000 transactions per second and extremely low fees.
    • Backing from powerhouses in crypto like Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital and Electric Capital show that major players are hedging their bets on Elrond’s success
    • With a total supply of 23 million, Elrond is definitely one to watch as more and more people learn to navigate the internet of value.
  • Aave is the Finnish word for “Ghost”, and spooky gains might be in the future for this firm that has built a network of some of the most powerful market makers in the world to bring open source liquidity protocols into Traditional Lending services .
    • Users are able to borrow a variety of cryptocurrencies with zero interference from brokers or banks, all of the transactions
    • Aave brings to the table a Non-custodial protocol. People want access to their funds more than ever and as the Aave community and partnerships grow, we expect to see this finite token resource translate into great value
    • Total Supply 16 million.
  • Maker is one of the biggest names in Defi and a long standing pioneer of the market
  • Maker created the very first DAO or “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” this emulates all the functionality of corporations and converts these aspects into Etheruem based smart contracts
  • this ecosystem allows anyone to lend and borrow on the platform without credit checks
  • Deflationary systems like fee burning in MKR add to the potential velocity in upside for this project, with a total supply of less than a million coins, there is massive potential upside for this Defi pioneer.
  • Arwewave is a token that has been largely overlooked, but the uses case data storage is an issue that has only begun to be noticed
    • This Blockchain Data storage project powered by the AR token is working in the background of blockchain advancement to provide decentralized permanent data storage to institutions.a more systems become digitized, you can expect to see this use case front and center in the future.
    • With systems becoming digitized at breakneck speeds, you can expect to see this use case front and center in the future.
    • Total Supply of just over 63 million AR tokens.
  • Last on our list to make sure you have on your radar is Energy Web Token or “EWT”
    • This project is diving into the connectivity needs of the energy sector through providing access to users with physical grid aspects like solar panels, thermostats, and electric vehicles.
    • Energy web uses a variation of Proof-of-Authority or PoA mechanism, a measure to increase trust from energy sector leaders through the assurance that all validator nodes are official members of the Energy Web Foundation, an aspect that is key for plugging into a system as volatile as the power grid.
    • With companies scrambling to become green and compliant with regulatory bodies, Energy Web Token is providing another tool in the kit for power markets to reduce carbon output and better understand the grid on a more detailed level.
    • Total supply 48.6 million EWT tokens
  • Paying attention to the actual supply for these different projects is just as important as the use case or team, but with a combination of all three aspects brings the ability for us as investors to ride the wave of the data revolution.

If you’ve been digging deep into the top low supply coins or want to get started, make sure to Check out our exclusive Bitsquad Market Cypher deal and share this message with a friend that is looking to find gems in the bear market. That’s all I got. Be blessed. Bitboy out!

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