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Top Crypto Tool for best performance (CoinStats Review)

Top Crypto Tool for best performance (CoinStats Review)

By: Discover Crypto | September 24, 2022

Do you spend hours checking your portfolio because your crypto, defi, and NFTs are scattered across the interwebs?  Maybe you track your crypto holdings in one place but have to manually input every transaction.  What a pain…

If that’s your situation, then CoinStats is the app for you.  It allows you to track all your crypto in one place and updates your balances and transactions automatically in real time.  But wait!  There’s more.  CoinStats is so much more than just a portfolio tracker, and I’m going to get into all its benefits momentarily.  But the best part about CoinStats: if you use our link, you’ll get 55% off a yearly plan.  So, let’s get into why CoinStats will change the way you do crypto…

First of all, the CoinStats portfolio tracker makes it super easy to connect and track all your accounts in just a few clicks.  You simply make a CoinStats account and connect your various exchanges and wallets.  The exchanges are linked using API Keys, and wallets are linked using an xPub address or Ethereum address.  Then you can track your entire portfolio or choose to track an individual wallet/exchange or coin.

And if you don’t have a wallet set up yet, don’t worry.  You can open a CoinStats wallet that allows you to export your private keys securely, so you have control over your crypto.

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CoinStats lets you track up to 5 connected portfolios and a 1,000 transactions for free.  But if you’re a crypto addict (and also because you get 55% off for using our link so why not?), you’re likely going to want a pro or premium account.  The pro account allows you to track 10 connected portfolios and 10,000 transactions.  It also provides users with a profit and loss analysis, in-depth portfolio analytics, exclusive coin insights, and order fill notifications.  That’s a huge value for under $20 paid annually if you use our link.  And if you want to trade with the big boys, premium is the plan for you, where you get all those same great perks, but can connect an unlimited number of portfolios and a million transactions.  Under $80/year with our link for a service that will likely change the way you crypto.

But like I said, CoinStats is so much more than just a portfolio tracker.  It allows you to buy crypto directly on the app using a credit card.  There’s also an exchange that lets you swap crypto on ETH, BSC, and Polygon without ever leaving CoinStats.  No more going to a million exchanges to trade your diverse portfolio.  They also have an inhouse DeFi protocol that you can opt into called CoinStats Earn, where you can earn up to 20% on your crypto.  But remember, any DeFi play is risky so make sure you don’t allocate more than you’re willing to lose…

And once you finish buying your crypto, you can use their Crypto Return Calculator to figure out what your returns will be when you meet certain price thresholds.  Ever wonder what your portfolio will look like when Bitcoin hits a Million Dollars?  Us too…  Just choose your coin, input the total dollars you’ve invested, and select your price target.  The calculator allows you to analyze your earnings for a future date if you invested today, or you can input the amount you invested on a previous day to see what it’s worth now.

Okay so now you’re set up to trade and track crypto in one of the easiest ways possible.  CoinStats also allows you to customize alerts and news to have a dashboard curated to your needs.  They include price, market cap, and volume notifications, but also handpick news to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the market.  You can also filter the news to only show you information on certain coins.  CoinStats also has a blog that will delight crypto veterans and noobs alike, keeping you up to date on new coins as well as providing helpful introductory information.

Their 24-hour Cryptocurrency Market Report shows you the total market cap, volume, and Bitcoin dominance all in one place.  They also give you a market overview with the top gainers, top losers, top exchanges, and top volume in the last 24 hours.  Be sure to click the link in the description for an insane 55% off your first year of Coinstats.

And if you want to look up information on a specific coin, their easy-to-use platform supports over 8,000 coins.  Simply click the coin you’re interested in, and you’ll be hit with the current price as well as helpful info like the website and socials, market cap, 24-hour volume, circulating and total supply.  Keep scrolling down and you’ll find an overview with a price chart that automatically shows the highs and lows on various time frames.  You can also click on the news tab, which will give you the latest news on that coin; and the markets tab that shows the exchanges and their volume.

Then it gets even better…  The CoinStats platform will show your holdings of that coin as well as On-Chain Data to help you make informed trading decisions.  And you can access their Crypto Calculator and Swap features from this page as well.

So, all of this sounds great, but what if you don’t feel comfortable giving away your personal information to a third party?  Well, CoinStats is the most trusted portfolio managers platform for a reason.  They use military-grade encryption to securely store users’ data and safeguard users against external and internal threats.  There’s a reason CoinStats has over 1.2 million users across the world that are using CoinStats to manage portfolios with over $100 billion worth of assets.

CoinStats is available on any device you could possibly imagine.  Phone, Computer, tablet.  You can even use it on your Apple TV or Watch.  So, make an account today, save a bunch of money with our link, and truly revolutionize the way you track, trade, and learn with CoinStats.

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