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The City Of Towers and Gates – How The World Economic Forum Is Taking Over Everything

The City Of Towers and Gates – How The World Economic Forum Is Taking Over Everything

By: Discover Crypto | July 26, 2022

All we want is for things to go back to normal. And by normal, I mean living your life without the restrictions that were brought on by the pandemic. While no one would say the world was perfect in 2019, we can all agree that the world has gotten a lot WORSE since then. We all are yearning for freedom. Is this entirely true? Because there is a group of people, powerful people that think the pandemic was a gift on a silver platter. They see the lockdowns, mandates and fear mongering as a means to grab even more power and consolidate more control. There is a group of people actively working to dismantle the principles of democracy and western society and won’t stop until in new kind of government is established, one where you are not a citizen…but a subject. Feudalism is a system of government that centralized ownership of literally everything into the hands of the royalty. Lords, Dukes, Earls and Kings. If you were lucky, you could become a knight and actually own land. But most weren’t lucky and lived their short days as a peasant. They owned nothing and were told to be happy about that.

Ravensburg Germany is a village with a long history dating all the way back to the year 746. It’s situated near the border of Germany and Switzerland and is known as “the city of towers and gates” there are reminders of the Dark Ages and Feudalism at every corner. Fast forward to the late 1930’s. Feudalism is just a history lesson and Germany is recovering from World War 1 and a certain evil person was coming to power. During this time, a boy named Klaus Schwab was born in Ravensburg Germany. Where you grow up has an effect of you and growing up in Germany in the 1930’s will burden anyone with a lot of baggage…and Ravensburg was no exception. During that time all children aged 6 or older were required to join the Hitler Youth, which trained German boys and girls to think the way Hitler wanted them to think and to “never be free again, not in their whole lives.” Ravensburg was also the first testbed for the Nazi eugenics program called ACTION T4 which forcibly sterilized women whom the German state deemed as “useless eaters.” The main employer in Ravensburg was a company called Escher-Wyss who used over 3600 forced laborer’s, slaves and Allied POWs in their war time facilities. And who was one part of the Escher-Wyss upper management? None other than Klauses father Eugen Schwab. Before we go on, it’s important to note that there are hardly any records of Klaus Schwabs upbringing. All of it has been meticulously erased or buried. This is the upbringing that influenced Klaus, who would go on to create one of the most influential organizations on the planet The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.

The “city of towers and gates” and the lessons of the National Socialist Party raised Klaus. So, it’s not surprise that a cabal like the WEF could position itself as a kind of super-governmental body – one that surveils and controls men and women in the highest positions of power all across the globe and coerces them into following the radical vision of Klaus Schwab. But the World Economic Forum isn’t controlling world leaders by doing anything insane or illegal. They are practicing good old fashioned influence peddling, or what others call “Lobbying”. It’s been the vision of the WEF to redefine capitalism, society and human development. And they aren’t shy about it. WEF’s leadership openly stated that they want to introduce a New World Order and reset society according to the dictates of their technocracy. They’ve been at it since 1971 when the WEF was called the European Management Forum and started holding conferences for corporate elites in Davos Switzerland. We’ll come back to Davos in a minute. In the 70’s, Klaus was a 33-year-old economics professor working in Geneva Switzerland. From what we know, he wasn’t particularly wealthy, or connected, but was somehow able to gather leaders from Europe’s largest economies; wine and dine them and put forth his agenda, which they were all happy to bring to their home countries. Games like this have been played for since the beginning of humanity. There, are the ideas of freedom and individualism that are created in everyone: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. And then there are the forces of authoritarianism. Always moving towards subjugation, exclusion and repression. The problem is – the elites make the first move. This game has been played a dozen times or so over the past thousand years, but the stakes are always the same. Either humanity moves forward, or the elites consolidate and humanity regresses. A long time ago, freedom lost, and we had the Dark Ages. Then the game was played again, and freedom won, so we got the Renaissance. Fast forward and The World Economic Forum is trying to capture two vital pieces of freedom. Property rights. Your castle. The WEF doesn’t like people owning property. According to them owning your own things has made this climate change mess and now you need to turn all that over to your betters otherwise you’re going to kill the planet. Agency. Your ability to move and thrive. It’s kind of pointless for elites to remove your property rights when you can leave and go to a place that respects property rights. So, eliminating your agency, or ability to make decisions is HUGELY important to the WEF.

Every spring, a cloud of private jets darkens the skies over the alps as hundreds of billionaires, dictators, presidents, cronies and warlords descend on the sleepy town of Davos to talk about what Klaus Schwab wants the world to be like and how they can be part of this glorious revolution. From the early days, Davos has been a place where policies about blotting out the sun to control climate change or and ironing out the details of creating a global ID system are hashed out over a glass of Weingut Chardonnay and some ethically harvested sturgeon eggs.

It’s the goal of the Davos to create a “more equitable and inclusive world” and to “redefine capitalism”. So, you would think that the capitalism we had BEFORE the WEF was bad and regressive. But the data shows that the longer the WEF has been around…the worse inequality has gotten and the only ones who have benefited are the elites…

1971 was a big year. It was the year that the world came off the Gold Standard and started using the Dollar as the global reserve currency. Since then, everything has steadily become out of whack. Wages have flatlined while productivity has skyrocketed. Income growth for the top 1% of earners has exploded while the bottom 90% has remained flat. Cumulative Inflation has gone up by over 3000%. The consumer price index graph looks like a hockey stick. Political Polarization is at all-time highs. Fossil Fuel usage is off the charts. Incarceration rates have exploded and overall mental health, especially among Gen-Z is cratering and on the verge of a crisis. By all available metrics, the world was improving at a steady rate up until 1970. Then the WEF started pushing its globalist agenda and now we’re facing the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. None of the policies the WEF has been pushing has seemed to work and has caused more inequality, crushed the middle class and has only benefited the top 1%. They have failed in every way. Right? No. The pain is the point. Because the inequality IS the plan. The plan uses phrases like “we are hopeful this plan categorically rejects the doomsday mindset” or “In 2020 and 2021 government policy alone stood between the global economy and the abyss” to make you feel safe and cared for, but the proof is in the pudding. It’s a ploy to bring about Feudalism 2.0. It’s time you owned nothing, and where happy about it.

The World Economic Forum has an opinion and plan to change and restructure just about everything and make it more “equitable”. Money, Energy, Climate Change, Food, City Planning, Medicine, The Internet, Blockchain. They talk about “equity, inclusion and redefining capitalism,” but they are making the rules behind closed doors and anyone who challenges their definitions is labeled an “undesirable.” Someone who is so backward in their thinking they support outlandish things like free markets, populism or individualism. The engine of these ideas is Klaus. He has a lifetime spot on the board of the WEF. He cannot be voted out and he chooses board members for 3-year terms. The march to a centralized godless utopia ruled by an unelected class of technocrats is the goal and the WEF is trying to close the gates on freedom as fast as they can during the post-pandemic chaos. Klaus Schwab even brags about how WEF acolytes are penetrating all levels of world governments in order to push the WEF agendas.

So, what’s next for the World Economic Forum? That’s simple, they tell us. Climate Change is the next crisis and it’s one the will never end. The powers that world governments took in the name of protecting us from the virus will remain under their control as long as there is a threat to the climate. Everyone and everything must change in order to avert a climate catastrophe. “The crisis prompted a return of big government, which will not be reversed.” Everything must be thrown out. Klaus says “and that deep crisis like the pandemic ” force us to rethink the social contract that binds us together and the way we do things…”

In chess, it’s always a good plan to control the center of the board. This limits your opponent’s ability to get into position. Klaus and his deep state cronies have moved quickly during the pandemic and are in the position to threaten our families, our ability to control our own destiny and our freedom from coercion. Things don’t look good. But controlling the middle has a fault. If you get out there too quickly and overextend, you are vulnerable. And one move that you didn’t see coming can be your downfall. We are in the mid-game where tides turn and blunders can be made. In order for the WEF to succeed with their Orwellian takeover, they need to control the message and control the money. Thankfully Bitcoin is doing a great job of disrupting the entire financial system. But it’s up to you and me and everyone else who believes in the rights of the individual to shed light on and raise awareness about the WEF. The more light is shed on their operation, the less they can control the message. Bitcoin and Free Speech. These are the tools we have to hold our ground and force Klaus Shwab to make an error.

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