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QUANT Update (Top Altcoin With Massive Upside)

QUANT Update (Top Altcoin With Massive Upside)

By: Discover Crypto | August 20, 2022

Welcome to Bitboy Crytpo.  The people’s channel.  Home of the Bitsquad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs.  No channel works harder to keep you in the know about crypto.

And today we’re talking about Quant which has been on an enormous run the last week or so.  It’s taken a Quant-um leap, if you will…  From a low of about Forty Dollars in June, Quant has pumped to about a Hundred-And-Fifteen dollars in a matter of weeks.  That’s almost a Three-X gain.  In the middle of a bear market!

So, what’s going on?  Is Quant going to keep running until it touches the moon?  And what exactly is causing this pump?  Well, we’re going to dive in and give you a bit of a Quant update.

So, in case you’re new to Quant, it’s a blockchain agnostic project that’s attempting to fix interoperability with its Overledger gateway.  In order to use the Overledger and have the ability to build projects on multiple blockchains, companies need to buy Quant and hold it for at least a year.  Since its inception, Quant has formed exciting partnerships: Oracle For Startups in Twenty-Nineteen, which allowed Quant to gain new clients in the financial payments and energy sectors, and the L.A.C. Chain in March of last year.  Then it got on even more people’s radar when it listed on Coinbase last June.  They’ve developed an I.S.O. standard that Fifty-Seven countries have adopted.

Quant is especially exciting in an age when governments are getting more and more interested in central-bank-backed digital currencies, a.k.a. CBDCs.  Overledger’s API would help countries tokenize their currency and make it tradeable on any blockchain.

But even with all the exciting things going on in the Quant-iverse, the bear market still took a healthy bite out of its price, and it fell from an all time high of almost Four-Hundred-And-Thirty Dollars to just over Forty dollars.  Ouch.  You hear about the face melting gains in crypto, but this is an example of a face melting Ten-X loss…

But the bears couldn’t keep Quant down because the price began to inch upwards on June Seventeenth, and trading volume started surging on July Eighth, according to Coinmarketcap.  About a Hundred-and-Sixty Million Dollars’ worth of Quant, which is about Twelve Percent of Quant’s entire market cap exchanged hands between July Eighth and July Sixteenth, when trading volume peaked.  And the price has basically been consolidating around the Hundred Dollar mark for the past few days.

So, the question remains, is there enough buying interest to catapult Quant into a long-term uptrend?  Or is this just a slightly more extreme correction during the bear market?

The surge in price might correspond to a non-customer-facing maintenance release for Quant’s Overledger.  Despite Quant claiming that the users wouldn’t notice any new APIs, features, or changes; it still increased Quant’s value as an asset.  And on June Thirtieth, Quant announced that it was releasing the beta phase of its premium API tokenization project, Overledger Tokenise.  It allows interoperable tokens and digital assets on Ethereum, Polygon and provides connectivity with XDC mainnet and Bitcoin V-Twenty-Three.  Quant’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Marirosans said, “Tokenize empowers users to create and deploy interoperable QRC-Twenty tokens and digital assets onto mainnets.”

But other than that, there hasn’t really been any major buzzy announcements for Quant.

A few news articles came out recently, detailing more about Quant’s exciting partnership in Latin America.  It seems that one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in Latin America, is just how long it takes them to get paid.  People have been waiting weeks for payments, and then they have to convert those payments into their local currency.  With inflation such a big problem everywhere, but especially in Latin America, this can be a huge problem.  If your item is worth a certain amount when you sell it, and then a few weeks later, it’s worth much less, that’s gonna hurt your business.

But Quant and the L.A.C. Chain want to change this.  L.A.C. Chain integrates the blockchain into the core of the Latin American banking infrastructure and allows people to be paid in a new digital Latin American dollar.  So, people can set their prices in this new digital currency and then redeem it for their local currency by just using their phone.  It’s faster and much better overall.  L.A.C. Chain and the digital Latin American dollar is also cross border, so this is going to open up a whole new international market to Latin American entrepreneurs.  And Quant CEO, Gilbert Verdian, has even bigger plans.  He sees a world in which Quant and L.A.C. Chain connect to the banking systems of America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  He says they’re already seeing evidence of regional trade networks.

About One-Point-Six Million people have benefitted from this technology already.  And the trading and payments element of the L.A.C. Chain’s, which is completely powered by Quant’s Overledger technology, is supposed to go live in Twenty-Twenty-Three.  Maybe investors are stocking up on Quant in anticipation of the Twenty-Twenty-Three release date.

But the biggest advantage to Quant is that it’s currently in the running to be ISO 20022 compliant in the near future. I go into detail on ISO 20022 in this video but to summarize, the 20022 standard is the new way that Banks will be using for transactions for the foreseeable future. All of the ISO approved cryptos, and those seeking approval have a much higher chance of surviving this bear market and any bad mojo from the SEC in the years to come. No matter what happens with Quant you’ll want to keep it secure and you can do that on a Ledger cold wallet. Click the link in the description to buy one direct from Ledger, which is the only way to buy a verified Ledger device that hasn’t had it’s seed phrases skimmed by an Amazon seller.

So, is now a good time to buy Quant?

Well, keep in mind, guys, not that any of this is financial advice…  But we never suggest jumping on a green candle.

I know it’s hard to watch a project make such massive gains, especially during a bear market, when it seems like all we’ve been able to look forward to is more and more read.  But if you’re interested in Quant, wait for some consolidation and a pullback.  The RSI is still really high.  And I believe we’re still going to see more downside in the crypto industry as a whole.

However, Quant is trying to get above its Two-Hundred-Day simple moving average.  If it succeeds in the middle of a deadly crypto winter, that could foreshadow some pretty big things for Quant.  Also, keep in mind that Eighty-Three Percent of Quant’s overall supply has been minted.  But that supply is relatively low in comparison to other projects, so Quant is potentially susceptible to pump and dump whale shenanigans.  Just be careful out there, guys.

But remember, when in doubt, zoom out.  Quant has enormous potential and was over Four-Hundred Dollars during the bull run.  Even its current price is a good bargain.  This is why we always recommend dollar cost averaging.  If you sit around waiting to buy the exact bottom of a project, you might just end up like this guy.

Maybe don’t go all in, but take a little nibble nibble on that price.  Descending waterfall buy orders never hurt nobody.

So, what do you guys think?  Are there any Quant hodlers or Quant-curious investors in the audience?  Leave a comment below and let us know whether you think it’s a good time to buy.  And as always, give this video a like and subscribe to this channel so you can keep up to date on all the hot projects in the cryptoverse.

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