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Is THIS COIN The Best ISO 20022 Project?

Is THIS COIN The Best ISO 20022 Project?

By: Discover Crypto | September 5, 2022

Crypto isn’t inching closer to mass adoption out of convenience – it’s inching closer to mass adoption out of necessity. This space and this industry, is going to innovate and rebuild the way the world conducts transactions across the oceans. This utility is going to cement crypto’s claim as the future of finance and the coins that are ISO 20022 compliant are the building blocks that will restructure the global financial system. You want to know one of the best coins that’s complaint with the future of the cross-border payment system? Let’s get it!

Welcome to Bitboy Crypto, the peoples channel. My name is Ben and it’s my mission to help you find freedom through crypto assets.

In this video, we’re going to talk a proof-of-stake layer-one blockchain created by one of the most creative financial minds in the world today. His name is Silvio Micali…and his project is known as Algorand. I don’t want anyone in the BitSquad to miss out on this one, because in the next 5 years, this project is poised to change the game as we know it. For the past few months, Algo has traded between 30 to 35 cents, it’s all time high is just shy of 3 dollars…so the idea of this being a long term 10x is just the baseline of possibilities.

The idea of this project being a top 10 crypto isn’t a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Although everyone talks about it, and says they’ve done it, Silvio and his team don’t mess around when it comes to solving the blockchain trilemma. Before we get into the who and why of Algorand, let’s make something perfectly clear. The legacy form of the cross-border payment system is outdated, inefficient, and in need of a complete makeover. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, aka SWIFT, is currently in charge of how countries financially communicate. Luckily, SWIFT sees how crypto is a much more optimal way to carry out these transactions. They are the ones in control of the current global payment standard, are they are the very ones pushing for this necessary change. The future for the cross-border payment system, ISO 20022, is actually backed by SWIFT, and since the boards of the G7 and G20 countries are regulating crypto in unison, everyone is on board for this structural rebuild.

Believe it or not, in the not-too-distant future, cross-border payments, will all be verified on the blockchain. It’s happening. This is just one of the utilities that is going to show the world what this technology is capable of. It should be noted that the implementation date for ISO 20022 was supposed happen in November of 2023, but since the waters of regulation are still very cloudy, that implementation date has been rescheduled to Q1 of 2025…That’s just around the time we’ll be on our way towards the TOP of the next Bull Run. Nevertheless, it’s your duty as a trader to keep a keen eye on the coins that are ISO complaint, because there are the coins that will have true UTILITY in the future of blockchain innovation. With that in mind, when regulation comes, these coins are going to look like the teacher’s pet compared to all those cowboys in the “wild west.” (please make MEME of Gary Gensler with cowboy hat) If you want to learn about all the coins that are ISO complaint, be sure to watch this video HERE.

So let’s learn about the man behind Algorand, Silvo Micali. After getting his PhD in computer science at Berkley, Silvo went on work at MIT for decades, co-invent building blocks of modern cryptography such as probabilistic encryption, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Verifiable Random Functions. (source) His accolades range from winning the Turing Award, the Godel Prize and the RSA Prize, for computer science, theoretical computer science and cryptography, which is equivalent to Oscars and Grammys for smart people. Specifically, the 2012 Turing Award has to be the most impressive of his accolades. It’s the highest honor one can receive in the world of computer science. Remember the movie “The Imitation Game”? The one where the guy who plays Dr. Strange breaks the Enigma Code to intercept the Germans messages and basically wins the war for the allies? That man’s name was Alan Turing, and this is the type of genius we’re dealing with when it comes to Algorand. Not only Silvio known for his intellectual prowess, winning the Turing award, and creating Algorand in 2017…you have to admire that he’s not scared to put himself out there. He does countless interviews, teaches lectures, speaks in front of thousands of people, whatever it takes to deliver on the promise of a borderless global economy. Whenever a blockchain is considered by the masses, the creator of the protocol is always put under a high-powered microscope. Think Vitalik Buterin for Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson for Cardano, or Gavin Wood for Polkadot…I’m not saying any of these brilliant minds is better than the other, but Silvio Micali is 1000% in this upper echelon bracket of blockchain brilliance.

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There’re several things you have to break down when talking about Algorand to get the full picture. Do you know how there’s several different types of proof-of stake? Such as Delegated, liquid, leased, etc…Well, Silvio likes to call Algorand a “pure” proof of stake because unlike the others, he’s dedicated to making sure his project is doesn’t consume too much power and that it has a zero carbon footprint. While Bitcoin requires the power of a small city, the Algorand foundation website says their negligible energy consumption is equivalent to seven houses. Seven houses? How is this possible? Through their partnership with ClimateTrade, they have a smart contract that takes a pieces of each transaction fee and uses it to purchase verified carbon credits. It’s not that they’re doing this because they know it looks good, which it does, they’re doing it because they can do it TO SCALE…while maintaining 1,000 transactions per second with a time of finality of 4.5 seconds. That’s no joke. Going total green is a win-win for them because it doesn’t hurt the environment, they’re just as powerful as sustainable and these are the types of things institutional investors consider when unloading their pockets. While politicians are writing letters to congress about how terrible bitcoin is because of power consumption and all that jazz…agree with it or not, but when people in power get down to the nitty gritty, Algorand is the teacher’s pet in the corner with straight A’s, combed hair and a tucked in collared shirt. Another notable highlight of their “pure” proof of stake network, is that unlike other protocols where it would cost thousands of dollars, anyone who wants to participate in consensus and be a validator, can do just that. The minimum stake required to be a validator on Algorand is 0.1 ALGO…that’s pretty awesome considering it cost 32 ETH to be a validator on Ethereum. By spreading out the load this wide, encouraging anyone and everyone to be a validator, this tightens their security, protects against attacks and preserves privacy on many levels. If you’d like to learn more about Silvio Micali’s thoughts on achieving security through randomization, I highly suggest you watch his interview with Lex Fridman. Absolutely brilliant interview. I could do an entire video just on Algorand’s take on solving the blockchain trilemma, but if you go back to that interview, you can hear it from Silvio firsthand. Warning, I recommend captions, he has a a heavyyy Italian accent. 26:33- 27:08

So let’s zoom out here. Algorand is Iso 20022 complaint. Big win. They’re goal is to deliver the on the promise of a borderless global economy. They’re have an honest case on solving the blockchain trilemma, being fast, secure, and decentralized. They’ve never failed to complete a block, they’ve never done a hard fork and their network has never gone down, not even once…I’m looking at you Solana. They’re lightning fast with over a thousand transactions per second with a 4.5 second time of finality. They’re a carbon negative layer one blockchain. There’s no capital barrier to become a validator. They are a magnet to institutional investors, and if you don’t believe me, they’re already on the list for Grayscales Non ETH smart contract fund. They’re networking team is bar none, sponsoring everything from racing drones, racing cars and oh ya know, the WORLD CUP for soccer in November and December this year, becoming the official blockchain of FIFA. They’re also sponsoring the 2023 FIFA women’s world cup as well. Remember LimeWire? If you’re younger, you might not, but if you’re like me and you were willing to sacrifice your parents computer so you could get free music, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, Limewire is now powered by Algorand and they’re launching a digital market place and their own token. Keep in mind, Algorand’s eco-system is absolutely massive. To mention everything they do, every dex they have, the SDKs, the infrastructure, the applications, exchanges, wallets, etc…it would take weeks to cover every base they have. They’re always growing, always looking towards the next goal. In case you were wondering, Algorand also has is also heavily involved in the world of DeFi with their new DeFi hub, Algofi. It’s a DEX and a lending/borrowing market that just launched version 2 on August 2nd. They only have a little over $100 million in TVL now, but when you notice their list of investors, (scroll to bottom) and take into account that it’s integrated with Coinbase Pay, and they’re even going to have their own native token called BANK. This Defi Hub is defiantly one that will grow substantially in a short amount of time. Keep an eye on Algofi.

In case you haven’t caught on… Algorand is the real deal. Yes, Silvio is the mastermind, but they have an elite team with a history in finance, which is imperative considering they’re Iso 20022 compliant. Remember, when regulation comes, Algorand is the teacher’s pet. I cannot stress how important that fact alone is. Earlier this July, they hired John Woods as their new Chief Technology Officer. That name might only ring a bell to a few of you, but Mr. Woods formally served as the Director of Cardano Architecture at Input Output Global. Great add to the team. This might seem like an arbitrary name to some, but his practiced hands and experience with Cardano are the point of contact for educating developers and adding to the user experience. He must have hit the ground running, because just last week, the Algorand Foundation got a brand-new layout on their website.

The creator, the vision, the investors, the team, the partnerships, and most of all the utility. These are the types of things you want to look at before investing in any altcoin. What I’m saying here is that Algorand is easily in top 3 of undervalued coins in all of crypto. If Algo was to go from its current price range, back to it’s all time high, that’s over a 750% pump. That’s just the beginning.

In an interview with Coin telegraph, Silvio Micali stated, “This is the year speculation will disappear and real-world use of blockchain will start.” He’s 100% spot on with this quote, because what separates Algo from everyone else, is that it’s a main utility in our future borderless global economy. That’s all I got. Be blessed. Bitboy out!

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