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Critical Cardano Adoption Moment (Australia Bullish On Bitcoin)

Critical Cardano Adoption Moment (Australia Bullish On Bitcoin)

By: Discover Crypto | August 19, 2022

Australia goes on a “walk-about” with Bitcoin, Cardano brushes up on it’s German and the CTO of Ripple has some choice words for Vitalik Buterin. My name is Ben and this is your nightly news wrap-up. Let’s get it.

Our friends down under have seen a partnership form between:, the Datamesh Group and gas station company OTR to enable customers to spend Bitcoin at over 400 locations across the outback.
Australian customers use the app and choose their crypto of choice to pay for fuel. But it’s not just Bitcoin that’s available to spend, it’s other cryptos as well although the press release from didn’t name any specific tokens, it did say that “cryptocurrencies” can be used for payment. They also cite data from a poll among merchants and consumers showing that 55% are wanting to transact in crypto. Later on this year OTR is planning on rolling out crypto payments at another 250 retail stores. Hopefully crypto payments can ease the hassle of having to live upside down.

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Germany is a country known for being timely, thorough, and expertly engineered. So it only makes sense that German banks are opening their Bavarian arms to the most scientific blockchain out there; Cardano. Major German banks Comdirect and OnVista are offering investment opportunities and products that have exposure to or are backed by Cardano. This is great news for the definitely not a gang Cardano Community and the good news doesn’t stop there. Valour Inc, the only publicly traded crypto investment firm in Germany has stepped up to give Comdirect and OnVista exposure to several other Defi and crypto financial products to their customer. This includes Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs that have zero transaction cost to investors. Looks like crypto adoption is going to be setting new lap times on the Nurburgring very soon.

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The CTO of Ripple has come out swinging at Ethereum co-founder and possible android, Vitalik Buterin for his statements calling XRP a tool for the Chinese communist party. Schwartz let it out and responded by tweeting: “The government should punish projects that disagree with our narrative” seems pretty on brand for ETH.” Shots fired. The XRP Army and Etherians then met on the field of twitter battle and at the moment no winner can be seen, only a pile of quote tweets, nerd rage and crypto memes. Schwartz used an example of eBay’s stockholders earning money on transactions between sellers and buyers on the platform and said the same could be said for BTC and Ethereum miners, making a connection between POW miners and Stockholders. Thankfully it looks like The Merge is going smoothly despite Vitalik picking twitter fights with his crypto brothers in arms.

That’s all I got. Be Blessed. Bitboy out.

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