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Bitcoin Can’t Be STOPPED! (SEGA JUMPS Into Crypto Gaming)

Bitcoin Can’t Be STOPPED! (SEGA JUMPS Into Crypto Gaming)

By: Discover Crypto | September 29, 2022

Billionaire investor, Stanley Druckenmiller, predicts a “crypto renaissance,” A U.S Senator says Bitcoin can’t be stopped, and legendary video game company, SEGA, is now getting into blockchain gaming!

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Druckenmiller’s Prediction

Just yesterday at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha Investor Summit, billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller said out loud exactly what’s been on our minds for years. Although he doesn’t own any Bitcoin or crypto, he understands the core reason of why we’re all so bullish on the idea in the first place. Yes, of course, people get into crypto to make money, but just as many people get into it because they want to take control of their own financial freedom since they don’t trust their governments. Druckenmiller is also spot on by saying that the U.S economy is likely to go through a “hard landing” and he even projected a recession in 2023. Well, we are in a recession, but not by the “NEW” definition…but I digress. Seeing a crypto renaissance in response to people losing trust in central banks would go to show that we don’t want to be governed. We don’t want to be controlled or regulated. Giving the power back to the people, giving them the keys to their own financial freedom, their own financial privacy… that’s why we started this channel; that’s why we call it the people’s channel. Our goal is to educate you to be your own bank, (increase intensity) because when the government has control of it, all they’ll do is inflate the all the dollars you save, and then make you pay higher rates for the mistakes they’ve made. Why do you think there’s an inside push to make decentralization illegal? They don’t want to “protect investors”; they want to control everything…and it’s our job to prevent that from happening. Man, this stuff gets me FIRED UP! While I cool off, Let’s pass it to Frankie Candles for a Market Watch.

Bitcoin Can’t Be Stopped!

Although it sometimes it feels like the entire government is pitted against us and wants to put roadblocks between us and having financial sovereignty, but luckily, there are members throughout the government and regulating bodes that do want to see crypto succeed. Among these political advocates, is Wyoming Senator, Cynthia Lummis. Unlike those who want to ruin it for everyone, Lummis see’s crypto’s true potential and the good that it can do. When talking about Bitcoin in a recent interview with Hard Money, Senator Lummis stated, “I love that it can’t be stopped, especially because I’m concerned about our national debt, I’m concerned about inflation. We see things that are inflationary, so it’s actually comforting to know that Bitcoin is there.” Once more people realize that crypto is the answer to get ourselves out of the hole we didn’t dig, we’ll be better off for it, and that’s her Lummis’s main priority is crypto education. The sooner you learn about crypto, the better off you’ll be. Even Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal says he’s loading up on crypto to hedge against an economic crash that could be coming over the next several months. Just like Druckenmiller from our first story, Pal also believes that it’s going to get much worse before it gets better…So if YOU want to load up on crypto to hedge against the future, be sure to use THIS link to sign up for Binance.US and get up to $600 dollars for a sign up bonus!

SEGA Announces Blockchain Card Game

As more and more gaming companies begin to see the silver lining with blockchain gaming, video game OG, SEGA, recently announced that they’re releasing a digital collectable card game developed by DoubleJump.Tokyo on the Layer 2 blockchain Oasys. The card game is based off the Sangokushi Taisen franchise, which was a popular Asian strategy arcade game back in 2005 that was based off the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Not only is it great to see more and more blockchain based games come out, it’s bullish that bigger and bigger names are getting involved. Earlier this month, Fortnight creator, Epic Games released Blankos Block Party, which is the first blockchain/ NFT game from Epic Games, so we know that it’s only going to continue to grow from here. We see it coming, and it’s only going to take one BIG game for it to break the mold. Once V-Bucks in Fortnight, or the monetary system in Grand Theft Auto becomes blockchain based, then we’ll REALLY be on to something. That’s all I got.

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