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Best New Cardano Protocol (Insane $200 Million Bitcoin Beach)

Best New Cardano Protocol (Insane $200 Million Bitcoin Beach)

By: Discover Crypto | August 31, 2022

Jim Cramer embarrasses himself on live television…AGAIN. Cardano plans to launch their first NFT lending and borrow platform and grab your sunglasses, we’re going to Bitcoin Beach! My name is Deezy. This is your nightly crypto news wrap-up. Let’s get it!

VIDEO 2:50– 3:07 “Cryptooo” ALSO 3:21-4:00 (2nd part is very important)

“Crazy Cramer”

Jim Cramer strikes again! This guy goes on national television every week, and unfortunately, people listen. To anyone out there who thinks what he’s saying valuable information, on behalf my myself and everyone who has profited INSANE GAINS from being in crypto, I’m sorry. Truly, I am. There’s a whole twitter page that countertrades everything he says, and they’re killing it. He might think he knows a thing or two about the stock market, but we’re in crypto because we don’t like watching paint dry. Cramer has no idea what he’s talking about when he runs his jib about crypto, he looks at negative price action as if it’s the end all be all of why you shouldn’t be involved in crypto. But Jim…see…there’s this thing called SHORTING. And that’s when you make money when the price goes down. The people who make REAL money in crypto, they know how to trade both ways, and a bear market is basically a bull run for shorting. Wake up Jim! Talking about negative price action without context is one thing, but you want to talk about some GAINS? Cramer called Polkadot, Matic, Optimism, AVAX, and several other great crypto projects, “Unprofitable JUNK.” I’ll say it again….Unprofitable Junkkkk. The guy has no chill. Let me learn you something here Jimbo…Just this year, between the end of June through the end of July/ middle of August, Polkadot pumped 56%, AVAX pumped 114%, Comos pumped 125%, Uniswap pumped 181%, Matic pumped 224%, and that garbage coin Optimism, Pumped over 400%. Unprofitable Junk though, right? Just because more downside might be coming, doesn’t mean you can’t make money in crypto. He’s really going to look silly in 10 years when crypto is completely adopted, but hopefully, CNBC is smart enough to can him by then. Cramer is the John Snow of Crypto. He knows nothing. Let’s pass it to Frankie Candles for a Market Watch!

“Cardano’s New Protocol”

As the Vasil Hardfork approaches, Cardano continues to make serious moves in all corners of the crypto space. In just a few weeks, on September 13th, Cardano is set to launch its first lending and borrowing protocol called Aada. Vacummlabs has recently completed a month long audit of the protocol’s smart contracts, all the issues have been ironed out, and it’s go time! Aada describles themselves as a fully decentralized lending and borrowing protocol backed with NFT’s build on the Cardano blockchain. This is a massive step for Charles and the gang and I’m really excited to check it out once it drops. This morning they dropped information on the Aada airdrop, so be sure to check out this tweet if you want to get in on the action. If you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of the NFT space and all that comes with it, be sure to check out my channel, NFT Alpha. We’re really big on Cardano NFTs and recently released a video on the origins of Claynation! Don’t miss it! Where’s my ADA GANG AT? If you’re in the ADA Gang, let us know in the comments!

“Bitcoin Beach”

Grab your sunscreen and towel; we’re going to Bitcoin Beach! A beach in El Salvador known as El Zonte, has been officially renamed Bitcoin Beach as a result of their government taking on crypto as their currency. This is phase two of the “Surf City Project,” which was created to attract more tourists to the area. El Salvador is receiving over $200 million in infrastructure investments to build it out, and they’re adding trails, bridges, and cycle paths, to surrounding beaches as well. Since Bitcoin Beach is going to be an obvious Tourist Hotspot for the country. President Nayib Bukele stated, “we’re going to fix an area of 15,000 square meters, where there will be a shopping center, parking, beach club, and treatment plant to revitalize the area” If I ever end up in El Salvador, I know where I’m headed! That’s all I got!

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